Breakfast Fun!

Happy school year everyone! It’s official, I have a kindergartner! It still amazes me how much time flies by with that. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms as a little tiny baby, but I have very little time to reminisce these days with our crazy schedule! It’s hard enough making sure everyone has clothes on before we leave the house (including myself, bras are key!Haha!), but now they all need breakfast before we go as well!

I have come to the come to the obvious conclusion within this first two weeks of school that my children need to eat! And not just once, but like 6-7 times a day! Lol! I mean how is it possible that we eat breakfast and then my 3 year old looks at me 5 minutes after eating and says, “Momma can I have a snack?”😳 I wish I had that type of metabolism! 😉

On that note though, with so many meals and snacks to plan, I had to start getting a little creative with them! So, me and the girls started with breakfast. I needed ideas that were quick and easy, due to having an unpredictable newborn and two kids to get out the door in the morning. Two fun ideas I found were breakfast banana splits and sushi. The girls loved them and could even help make them if you did it on a day when you are not in a rush! I listed the ingredients I used below, but also put the link for each recipe that’s on Pinterest, plus some final product pictures! Happy breakfast everyone! 😁

What are your go to breakfasts for your kiddos?! I love new ideas, so please share!:)

Breakfast Banana Split:


Organic vanilla yogurt (you can use Greek too!)

Rainbow sprinkles (you could use other kinds or colors)

Maraschino cherries

Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfast Sushi:


Organic vanilla yogurt ( you can use Greek too!)

Fruity Pebbles cereal


Breakfast Sushi

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