Oh “Boy” big change ahead!

It’s time! It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the big day of his arrival. I have to say right off the bat that there is no “right” time to have a baby. There is every book, website, or even “expert” out there that claim to know the right way to do everything with babies, but I think it’s a load of hoo ha!  Even after two, I find myself still nervous about the third. Maybe it’s because the norm has been the four of us for so long and I feel like I am throwing off our family “feng shui”. Or could it be having a third surgery, because let’s be honest that is not my first choice for fun. I know for sure that some of it is that it’s a boy, I mean what do I do with that thing??!!haha! All I have known is girls for the last 5 years, which has consisted of Disney princesses, painted nails, make-up, doing hair, and the color pink!

Now I’m not saying that boys can’t enjoy these things too, but everyone I have run into, chatted with, or experienced their boys first hand, tell me that boys are just more rough and tumble, but they are easier than girls. I am not sure what that means because all I keep hearing is that I am supposed to prepare to get pee’d on A LOT, which I now feel like I will need to wear a rain coat every time I change him. Plus, don’t even get me started on his peanuts because I have heard many interesting stories with that, haha! On the flip side though, I have been advised that he is going to steal my heart, but how can that be…

I thought my heart was already stolen twice already with my two girls. I think back to when I had Hadley (my second) and I thought how am I going to love another human being as much as I love Norah (my first). Somehow though it just happens and your heart grows. I have caught myself asking that question this time around to, can it really grow even more??? I know the answer to this is yes, but it’s so hard to feel it until he is truly here. This baby boy will truly be surrounded in love, so I keep telling myself that the way I am feeling is completely normal!


That was another fear is that there will be a child that gets forgotten about. I know by the third you definitely loosen up a little as a parent because you realize the world isn’t ending because they ate some dirt or forgot to brush their teeth. Anyone out there ever feel like you have forgotten about a child, missed a moment, or realized you haven’t given them enough attention? What did you do? Advice? How do you handle being out numbered?!

So, here I go on my next life adventure with having a new baby boy. Things I do know is that I am excited for this experience and to see what he looks like! My girls are so excited to be big sisters and can’t stop talking about getting to meet him.  My husband is ready to have a boy in our house besides just our dog Parker and lastly, that this baby boy has no idea how much love and fun he is going to have in this family. We love you baby boy!




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