“A Good Man”

I have been so quiet on the blog front due to being wiped out tired chasing two kids around and being pregnant with our 3rd, but here I am again excited to write down my thoughts and finding yet another topic I am truly passionate about. When you are younger as girls, you plan out your weddings and who you are going to marry by the age of 5 it seems, but as you get older you start to realize that finding a “Good Man” can be complicated and not like the movies portray. However, I have come to realize on a day to day basis that my husband is a not only a good man, but a great one.

Let me just start by saying, that this blog post came about, after taking note of all the little things my husband does that sometimes go without recognition. For example, he is someone who makes a long drive to work (An hour and half) there and back, but somehow manages to come home and love on me and our little girls with his whole heart. Then on top of loving on us still manages to try and do everything I ask of him as well, such as take the garbage out, fix a broken toy or something I broke on accident, paint a playroom for the kids, etc. I mean there are days where I ask for a lot and forget sometimes that he has worked all day well.  I can be needy at times, I can fully admit that! I am also thankful and blessed that my husband is very handy, because I would be lost without his help with certain things.

I feel like it is really important to marry a “Good Man”, especially when you have two little girls at home. They need to see what that looks like as they grow up. My husband admitted to me the other day that he was nervous about a new son coming because now he has to step up his game with turning him into a gentleman. First, it made me love him even more for even thinking about that, and second, I told him has nothing to worry about because he is a great role model. My husband already has an amazing father that he looks up to, so he definitely will be an incredible father to our son.

Don’t be mistaken, every man has his flaws, but I have found through my marriage that I couldn’t have picked a better other half. I still get excited when he gets home and walks through the door, my stomach still gets butterflies when he kisses me, and holding his hand is still one of my favorite things to do with him. I guess this blog post, besides just talking about my own husband, I wanted to bring notice to the little things that husbands do that go unnoticed. If you get a moment today, tomorrow, or the next day, just stop and take a moment to notice the simple things that your husband does. Give him some love and let him know that he is a good man, because a phrase so small can make a big impact with him.

This guy just plan and simply put is,” A Good Man”.



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