Cooking Up Something Special

Sooooo, it’s been quite some time since my last post, and that’s because lately we have been cooking up some special things in the Adams household over the last few months.  As if my life isn’t craziness enough, we decided to add a third little bundle of joy! Look out world, baby Adams #3 is on the way and the adventure starts in June!

This explains my long pause between posts because when you already have two little ones and then you are trying to grow one, the exhaustion definitely sets in. The low motivation factor has been a huge hit for me, because I am known for having pretty high energy and creativity, but when all you want to do is close your eyes and sleep, that doesn’t really jive well with a 2 and 5 year old that are ready to rock! Luckily my second trimester kicked in just in time for one of those “I wouldn’t miss this for the world” moments with my 5 year old.

For Christmas we bought my girls little cooking aprons and an awesome cookbook that I just fell in love with. The girls are always watching me while we cook dinner, helping us in some way and asking a million questions, which is one of my favorite things as a Mom. Knowing that they are learning from everything we do and are curious about everything under the sun is such a blessing. So, I decided when we bought the book and aprons that we would start teaching the girls to cook and work up to letting them cook a meal on their own. Little did I know this would be such a heart warming experience that as parents we would never forget.

I told Norah during the week that she could pick a recipe out of her cookbook to make for dinner and dessert over the weekend. She picked a tomato, basil, mozzarella, and bowtie pasta with a cake for dessert. She did everything from cutting up tomatoes and basil to putting the pasta in the water. (Of course anything related to heat we helped with and there was parental supervision the whole time!) She even served us at the table!

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Watching her do this was such an eye opening experience. I was amazed at how good she was at everything and how independent she was. At one point I asked, “Norah where did you learn how to do all this?” and she responded with, “You, Momma and Daddy.” Right then I was filled with a rush of emotions that simple put, brought tears to my eyes. In that moment, I realized how much we had taught her without even saying words. To keep a long story short because I could talk about this experience for days, her dinner and dessert was amazing! She was so proud of her new found independence and I was humbled by the whole experience. I learned that day that not only was I cooking up something special in my belly, but I had already cooked up one special little girl.

If you ever get the chance to let your son or daughter cook, take it, because it will teach lessons that will last a lifetime. I have posted the links for the cookbook we used, which I highly recommend for a variety of ages. Have fun cooking!

The Girls Cookbook


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