Skeletons, Paintings, and Halloween Lunch…Oh My!!!

For those that don’t know us, we take the holidays in our house very seriously! We love to decorate our house, do crafts, make food, and anything else that can relate to the fall and holidays. So, today we had Halloween day! Having kids makes the holidays so much more fun because the excitement they bring to the table is so precious!

My girls get excited about everything, which I partially take credit for because I get excited about everything! I figure it’s one of the good qualities that can learn from me :)! We started with painting, which can be one of simplest way to get crafty with my girls. I first started by drawing a bat and cutting it out, then I taped it on the white sheet of paper I was giving to the girls. I also taped a pumpkin on their sheets as well. Then the girls were giving paint (Halloween colors), pencils, paint brushes and a paint smock.


They then decided to use the eraser end of the pencil to dot paint or use the paint brush. When they were finished we removed the bat and pumpkin that had been taped down. These were are final products! I love how they were both completely different!


Our next craft was a skeleton! The girls got a kick out of these! I started by drawing a skeleton face and taping it to a black piece of construction paper.


I also gave the girls a stack of Q-tips and some glue. We used our sparkly glue , but regular glue would work just fine.


They then proceeded to create their own skeletons using the Q-tips as bones. Now, Norah and Hadley are two different ages, so once again it was fun to see how different they turned out, Norah even took it a step further and made a spider web with hers! They both had a great time and did an awesome job!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the skeleton making the girls were ready for lunch, so you better believe I made a Halloween lunch! Nothing like eating a sandwich spider, ghost string cheese and a apple mouth as your meal! The girls were laughing so hard and were so excited that my heart was completely filled with love!




What a fun day we had! I hope our crafts give you some inspiration for your own crafts for Halloween! I have also attached the links for them below, so you can look up the directions! I made them my own a bit and adapted them for my kids ages, so hopefully you can do the same! I hope you have a Boo-tiful and spooktacular time!


Skeleton Craft

Spider Sandwich

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