Just Some Good Old Fashioned Halloween Fun!

When you have five kids all together when combining families, it is a must with getting creative with things to keep them busy, involve everyone, and of course make it fun! 

My sister and I have this challenge every time we get our kiddos together, plus with both love getting the kids moving and their imaginations going! Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t pass up a great opportunity for a good old fashioned scavenger hunt and this was not just any kind of hunt, it was a Halloween themed one. This is a great activity to get the kids active, and enjoy the world outside! It is awesome for all ages too! 

I first started with making the lists! All you need is a piece of paper (any color), some Halloween stickers and black/orange marker. I made a list of the things they needed to find which can be whatever you want! 

You will need some pens so the kids can mark stuff off as they find it. If you have kids that can’t read, I would either read it to them or do pictures instead of words. 

And were off! Going on adventure through the neighborhood trying to find as many things on the list that we could! 

It was so fun to have the kids together and having a blast! Sometimes I forget how much fun it is for the cousins to grow up together. What a cool concept that they will always have each other as friends and get to create such amazing memories! 

Of course by the end of the walk, the kids were “starving”, which of course means they haven’t eaten in the last 30 minutes! Haha! So, my sister threw together a Fall/Halloween trailmix as the kids “reward” for finishing the hunt! Needless to say they ate it up! 


Marshmallows        Chocolate chips

Candy corn               Pretzel sticks

Graham cracker pieces 

It was a perfect snack, for the perfect Halloween scavenger hunt, for a perfect family memory! So, if you get the chance, get moving, get with family, and get your Halloween on! 

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