Little Beautiful Monsters

Well now that October is underway, of course the Adams household is finding every way possible to enjoy everything that October brings! We have had some rainy days by us the last few days, which seems to be the perfect time to do some baking and crafts with the girls! From a mom point of view, sometimes rainy days can cause me to have to take a deep breath knowing that the kids will want to be entertained every second of the day (Which is not needed, but they seem to think so!). They also seem to lose all capabilities of imagination and being able to find a single toy to play with even though are house looks like a Toys R Us blew up in it!

I often feel like rainy days also bring the monster side out of my children! The pure grumpy, attention-seeking, non-sharing, non-listening, do everything they’re not supposed to type of monster! Some examples of this are Hadley who consistently is into my make-up running around the house with eyeliner, turns the bathroom into waterpark (even though she is just supposed to be washing her hands!), pulls all my GLASS pyrex containers out (also taking off every lid), and lastly, but not even close to being the end of the list, my oldest has developed an attitude that makes me nervous for the teenage years! MONSTERS!!!

Ok, so maybe the truth is they are just acting their ages and of course I cherish my beautiful monsters, but don’t they realize rainy days are for lounging around, taking naps, and watching movies! HAHA! Wishful thinking, but a mom can dream right!

Due to all the high monster energy, we decide a monster door was in order and a monster movie. We decided to watch Monster’s Inc. and to go along with the theme of the movie create a monster door in our house! It was so much fun and the girls truly enjoyed the creation process. So many skills used as well, which is great for different ages! We worked on fine motor skills with using scissors to cut out circles and gluing small pieces onto monster spots. You can pick any door in your house, you can even use your refrigerator!


Supplies needed:

Any door in your house




Construction paper in all different colors

Coffee filters

2 kids plates or anything else you have that is round for eyes

Markers and anything else you would want to use to decorate monster spots (we used cotton balls and googly eyes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even though my lovely ladies can sometimes be little monsters, it was way more fun creating our own monster together! So, gather some supplies and get your monster on!

I would love to hear about your own little beautiful monsters! Let’s share our beautiful monster stories in honor of October!


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