Family Vacation Treasure

We took an amazing family trip over the summer and since then I have being trying to find the best way to preserve our memories and be crafty with all of our “treasures” we found along the way. I wanted it to be something the girls could help me with and also allow us to spend time remembering all the fun we had together! 

I don’t know about the rest of you mom’s out there, but everywhere we go, my daughter’s collect “treasures”. They are always asking,” Momma, can you put this treasure in your pocket or bag?”. This even takes place in our front and backyard, so as I’m sure most of you understand, I’m am always filled to the brim with rocks, leaves, dandelions, berries, etc. my only rule is nothing living….I always say Mommy doesn’t do bugs girls! 

As much as it’s not the most fun putting dirt and rocks into my pockets, I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, I admire the simplistic thought of a little leaf or a piece of gravel being seen as a “treasure”! Watching their imaginations take flight and  the creative play that stems from all the treasures is truly magical and something to be treasured in itself as a parent. 

Which brings me to the purpose of my blog today…. as an adult what do you treasure? Is it something as simple as a hot cup of coffee, the smell of a campfire or is it something more grand like vacations or holidays? I would have to say for me it is the moments where I see my girls experience things for the first time.

 We had one of these moments at the beach on our vacation where we collected seashells, rocks, and sea glass. The joy that was shared together that day on our vacation is so embedded in my heart, that we had to make something to constantly remind us of it. 

So, here it is below! This is our family vacation “treasure”! The girls and I hung it in our hallway, so we can see it everyday! We used all the “treasures” we collected throughout the trip with some added supplies which consisted of a hot glue gun, a blank canvas, a photo from our trip, popsicle sticks painted blue (by the girls), blue glass beads, and twine to hang it. The girls laid out how they wanted it and I glued it on for them (no trust with the hot glue gun, Mommy job only!)

So, if you get the chance, start collecting all your kids treasures and create something that always reminds you of moments that deserve to be treasured forever!:) 

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