Terrible 2’s vs. Mommy vs. Candy

Terrible two’s…it is so real and for sure it can be terrible. At least in certain moments when you feel like your toddler has taken over and is the one running the show. No discipline seems to be effective, considering that anytime Hadley is put in “Time”, she proceeds to laugh at me… uh oh…I’m in trouble with this one.

I do find myself in these situations asking myself, “was Norah this defiant of me?” How does Hadley know how to push every button I have, such as climbing the breakfast stools to get on the kitchen counter, pour what seems like gallons of water out of the bathtub during bath time leaving me with a flood, grunting at me when she doesn’t get what she wants or not even be able to sit at the dinner table long enough to finish a bite! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok, my rant is over, but only because I realized that I need to do a better job as a mom. I know that seems like an extreme answer, but I caught myself after bath time last night, playing lego’s with Hadley all by ourselves and noticed, wait…she isn’t causing any trouble. I came to the conclusion, that I have forgotten what having an almost 2 year old is like because I was so used to Norah’s independence for the last year. Norah can go off and play babies or chef in her kitchen, but Hadley needs guidance, full attention, and someone to give her affirmations…she needs mommy! Hadley wants to be played with all the time which is tough to do because I am tired and exhausted from doing other things, but I still need to make time for Hadley and truly play! I completely love this 2 year old age because it is amazing to watch them discover every little simplistic thing that they can. So, if you have a two year old…be patient…be mindful of the moments you are truly giving them (no distractions)…and love watching them grow!

I also like to get out of the house after a very rough day with life and the girls, so we can have a fresh start at home when we return. So what better way to save the day, but with candy!!! I took the girls to Morkes Candy Camp in Huntley (there is one in Palatine and Long Grove) and they loved it! I totally recommend this for any child because it is so much fun to watch them create the items and lick their fingers while doing it! It’s $18.00 per child, which may seem a little steep, but really it covers all their items they make and all the chocolate and candy they use. Plus, there is always a theme! The class is about an hour long and the teacher is super friendly and fun! They have them over the summer and it is such a fun way to spend a morning! My side tip is where clothes that you don’t mind cooking in! Today’s theme was “Spa Day”, so the girls made, flip flops, edible lip gloss, slippers, and nail polish bottles! I made a slide show of our experience below, plus added some reference links for you to use!

Morkes Candy Camp Brochure

Morkes Website

Morkes Facebook Page


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a mom, I will always find ways to make these little girls smile from ear to ear, my heart is full!

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