Fireworks and creative “freedom”!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and was able to get together with friends and family. It was a beautiful day for just about anything…especially anything related to water! We took Hadley to her first firework show that she would actually understand, so this is when we would find out if she would love it or hate it!

The verdict….She did pretty well overall, with a little bit of , “home momma” and “loud”, she started to come around to the colors and sounds. It was great for her to experience it, so that we could do our craft the next day on the actual 4th. I had the girls paint in the morning, so we could wait for the pool to warm up. I found a fun craft idea on Pinterest, which is my go to place for everything and anything crafty!

Pinterest Link for Firework craft

I started by laying down some painting paper on the table, so the kids good make their own “Grand Finale” and as you can see these little ladies were very excited!


Then we got the fireworks stamps ready, which was just some toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls cut in half and then you cut the ends, so they look like below.


I then used small paper plates to store the firework stampers, so things would stay nice and organized. It is nice to have a specific spot for things to go during bigger crafts like this, so they know where to put it back when they are done. Great life skill! However there is no guarantee that they won’t get it back out 20 seconds later and not put it back!HAHA! (This also happens with toys around the house!) We used finger paint anyways, which is easily cleaned up. 🙂


From there I put some patriotic music and we painted our firework show! There were many creative thoughts flying around for sure!

This is great activity for all ages because everyone can do their own design and colors. It gives each child their own moment to have creative “freedom”, which is perfect for this 4th of July Holiday!

I will leave you with our final product and “Grand Finale”, Happy July Everyone!

The “Grand Finale”!!!







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