Mom…we can dance in the rain???

So, an amazing revelation happened today with my littles…we danced in the rain and it was so fun! Let me back track a bit to how we got to this point in the day, because I would also like to share nature walk and craft for the day!

It was a humid, cloudy day, which always makes for an interesting choice of what to do with the kiddos because humid means mosquitos and cloudy means it’s not quite warm enough to swim with all the rain from previous days, but the kids need to stretch their legs! So, we decided on a nature walk and scavenger hunt, which is a great way for the kids to get some exercise and feel like they are on an adventure, which we were!

I love Pinterest, so I of course went straight to that to find a scavenger hunt for us to use. These are the ones we used, and they worked perfectly. Some items you just find with your eyes, while other are tangible and they can put it in their bag or bucket.

Nature Scavenger Hunt #1

Nature Scavenger Hunt #2

While we were gathering our items, it of course starts to down pour on us…I probably should have checked the weather before we left, but oh well! So, we start booking it back to our house, when all of a sudden I start to realize as I am jogging and pushing the little bike that both girls are on to get home faster, the two of them are cracking up and screaming in delight! I slowed down to ask if they were doing ok, which in turn they gave me the response of “Go faster momma! We are getting so wet it’s awesome!” So, I started racing around making car noises when we finally had reached home. We unloaded our items and started to head inside, when I stopped and said let’s go dance in the rain! My daughter Norah stopped and gave me the strangest look, like mom your crazy, but instead asked the question, “Mom…We can dance in the rain?” I simply replied, “Of course, why wouldn’t we girlfriend!” From that point on there were giggles and pure joy coming from each of my little ladies! There is a little slideshow below of the excitement!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then came in inside dried off and started our craft, which included all the items we found on our scavenger hunt. We made nature people/animals and the girls got a kick out of it! It’s amazing what a little Elmer’s glue, construction paper, and nature can create! Advice: Don’t let a little rain ruin your day, enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and dance to the beat of life! 🙂

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