The Bucket list…Do I really need another list of things to do?

Hello world! Sorry for the disconnect from the blog, but Summer began with my kiddos and are summer bucket list is in full swing, which means we are on the go! I can’t tell you enough how much fun it is to create this list with my family and give us the opportunity to make so many memories! I know I know….your like…do I really need to give myself another list of things to do, but this time I promise it’s different. It’s not just about doing it to get it done, it’s about living it.


The ultimate goal with my girls is to create a list that has all the fun things we would like to do together over the summer, I attached our list that we started already, as you will see some of the places are crossed off because we have been having so much fun!

Adam’s Family Bucket list

The bucket list gets the girls excited about Summer and also allows me to find ways to make each experience more cost effective too, by using Groupon, Living Social, find online coupons, visiting on free days etc. For instance, if you have never taken your kiddos to Green Meadows Farm in East Troy, WI, it is a fantastic place for kids of all ages! There is always a Groupon for them in late May and Early June, which is great for saving some money. My kiddos especially love the the kitty barn!


I know it may seem like a lot of planning and no spontaneity, but we have so many side things we do besides the list, that we keep the list to the longer trips and must do’s! I started making the bucket lists, when I was pregnant with Hadley and had a bunch of things I want to do with Norah before she became a big sister. Then it just stuck, because it was so much fun planning are trips together and getting the girls excited about going all the different places! I even found myself getting gitty about where we were headed! There is one rule that I always follow and that one rule is “NO EXPECTATIONS”.

I used to before the bucket lists expect the trips to go a certain way, and then would be disappointed when a child would have a melt down, or poop themselves everywhere in the car! I used to say, “this is not how I expected this to go”. Then I got thinking, the word “expect” seemed very limiting and stressful. So, I started the bucket lists with my one rule and this magical thing happened, WE HAD PURE FUN!

When you don’t worry about how things are going, you start to just live in the moment. If we made it for 5 minutes or 2 hours, we were just thankful that we got to go in the first place! We have put simple things on our list such as the Wauconda Library (which is free and has a park across the street from it), to a tea party in our very own kitchen, and then added longer trips, which are the Corey Lake, Michigan vacation and visiting the museums in Chicago!

2017-06-23 12.25.46
The Shedd Aquarium

So even though it may be another list of things to do, take this list in stride, and really think about how and where you can create memories with your family. You can even partner up with someone as well, I know the bucket list has allowed for many fun adventures for me, my sister, and all 5 kids together!


I leave you with the question above… and a resource to help create your list below.

How to create a bucket list

P.S. You can also just simply write down a bunch of ideas as well!:)



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