Personal day…what’s that?

So as the school year is coming to a close, I find myself rushing around with so many things to get done and dealing with the many stressors of life! This whole idea of taking things one moment at time is no joke, you definitely have to try to focus on that as much as possible! With that said, I have decided to take a “personal day”.


This day will have no kids, no husband, no dog……just me. However, I find myself struggling with what to do on this day. I know everyone’s first reaction is sleep or eat a hot meal haha! (Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why!) But, I am finding it hard to come up with things to do that are “personal” to me. I am full-time mom who loves waking up to her kids and making breakfast, even though it’s chaotic and my coffee is always cold when I get to it, but knowing I made them breakfast and filled their bellies makes my heart warm:). I am the kind of mom who does crafts, sings, and dances, with my kiddos because watching them learn from me, each other, and the world is the most amazing thing.

So, why I feel so guilty about taking them to daycare in order for me to have a “personal day”? What is that guilt? Maybe I feel as though I am going to miss out on so many of those moments while they are away. Is this why I can’t seem to figure out what to do with my “me” time because all I am doing is thinking about both of them all the time? It seems like a catch 22 or a crazy game that we play as moms. One moment we are stressed to the max with one child eating things out of the garbage can (actually happened and totally grossed me out) while the other one thinks she can put on mommy’s make-up all by herself and of course all of this is happening while we are trying to get out the door in the next 5 minutes.  So, how is it when given the chance to be free of stress, we don’t know what to do with it! Are we insane! Ladies and Gents it’s time for us to recognize that as parents we are officially nuts, but thats ok because kids are so worth it!:)

This leads to me to my final thought, what is something that is “personal” for you? Something that if you were given the day for it…to be just you…what would you do?

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