Family Movie Nights Are My Favorite!

There are so many ways to spend time as a family, that sometimes I can’t figure out which thing I would like to do first! We started something new this year called “Family Movie Night”, and it has been a hit with the girls! The once month night consists of letting the girls pick a movie and then we have to relate dinner, dessert, a craft, and a game to it. So for example this month’s pick is “Ice Age: The Great Eggscapade”.IMG_1102

We then decided on making Spaghetti carbonara because of course their are eggs in it! Plus, it is really yummy and the girls love it! Click on the word for a great recipe that’s easy and quick to make.

We then got to the best part which was the dessert of course! We made “ice” cream waffle bowls with “sno” caps on top! You can get waffle bowls and the ice cream at the grocery store and use any ice cream of your choice as well. I used sno-caps that I had bought at the movie theater because what is better than snow-caps and popcorn!

For our craft we colored easter eggs and that was quite the fiasco, but so fun! I think there were at least 5 eggs that didn’t make it.:)

We ended the night with the movie and and some egg-cellent games! We played Break the ice, and did a Matching Egg Toy, which is great for the littles! If you click on the link it will take you to the toy, so you can see it better.:) Needless to say we had a great family movie night! Stayed tuned for more family movie night ideas!:)


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