Rainy days are for crafts and coffee.:)

There is so much to say about rainy days. The sound is so soothing, the smell let’s you know spring is here, and the slow pace of the day makes you feel like you don’t have to rush into anything. There is also a lot of time for thought and reflection, especially when you wake up before the kids and can have the cup of coffee hot! hahaha! I know all you moms have been there, when you have all intentions of drinking that said cup of coffee, but then it ends up being ice cold and left somewhere strange due to the chaos of the kids! (Positive outlook: you actually made the cup and it will get drank eventually. Lol!)

Unfortunately, my littlest one has been home sick now for the last week and half with pneumonia and the struggle to get her better has been a long road. I know in my previous blog I stated that it feels like it has been a long time since she has been better, but now it really does seem like we are moving in slow motion to get well.  I am grateful for this rainy day, so she is able to just relax. Poor little lady…

Trying so hard to get better!:)


So, now that the kids are awake, and we have commenced the morning with “Finding Dory”, I find myself thinking of crafty things to do, because in our house rainy days mean movies, craft fun and baking! Today’s craft Idea was inspired by our lunch! I decided to take a run to McDonald’s because I had just did the dishes and couldn’t bear making a another mess to clean-up, so yes, my daughter’s had Mcdonald’s and loved their chicken nuggets! Plus, it was an easy way to get out of the house for just a moment…ahhh fresh air! After they were done eating,  I decided to have the girls make bunnies out of their happy meal boxes!

It was so fun and the girls had fun making them! You an also use stickers to decorate as well! We used tape to put the white construction paper on and then used regular Elmer’s glue for the eyes, nose and whiskers. Hopefully this gives you a creative and fun spring craft for your own kiddos! Let me know if you try it out or have any other suggestions for it!

Enjoy your rainy day!:)

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