Where do I go from here…?

It has been a rough week around the Adams’ household these last couple weeks. We have been plagued by the same sickness that is traveling around all children in the world right now! Alright…that may be a little extreme, but when you have been trapped in your house due to fevers and coughs it definitely starts to feel like a century has gone by since you have left the house and taken a breath of outside air! As my mother always says though, “this too shall pass”, which is a phrase that has annoyed me for years, but has always held true! So, thanks mom for once again proving that even though I may not want to hear something, it’s going to be said with love anyways. 🙂

Which brings me to the worst part about the last 2 weeks. Recently I found out that after 9 years of teaching in the same district, I no longer will have a job due to low enrollment for next year. I know that this is a factor that I cannot control, but I can’t help to feel as though I have failed in some way.  WARNING, lots of thoughts and emotions ahead! Do I feel this way because my students don’t understand the process, and ask me questions like, “Mrs. Adams, is the rumor true that you got fired?”. FIRED…. what a harsh word that is to hear, it leaves you feeling so lost and helpless.  Am I upset because it wasn’t on my terms that I have to leave? Ever since my daughter Norah was born I have thought about being a SAHM (stay at home mom), so why wouldn’t I be excited about getting to do that?  Now it seems like I am scared to do that, like I will lose my identity or something, but women do it everyday, so why am I so afraid???… Does my anger and sadness stem from the process that they use for this kind of situation? It is just so unbelievably unfair and I feel justice needs to be had for other teachers in the future, but do I want to be that voice for all? All of these thoughts have kept my mind going in circles constantly ever since I heard the bad news. Which leaves me with the question, where do I go from here?

The answer to that question…. I’m taking it one moment at a time. Such as these ones with my daughter’s today!

We made birds nests because spring is here and the birds are chirping! I also waited to bust out the magic eraser because Miss Hadley has decided to make the door to the garage her own private canvas (mind you I have cleaned this spot once already, haha!)

So, I leave you with this thought today…. What are your “one moment at a time” moments? You know… those moments that we tend to rush through or forget to recognize as the positives in our lives. The ones that give us a good laugh, even though at times you probably could cry about them!haha! Just give it some thought… because I know at the end of this all the pieces of this crazy “life” puzzle will fall into place, but it’s those positive moments that I want to remember the most! Enjoy your moments today!:)



4 thoughts on “Where do I go from here…?

  1. Love your blog posts Becky! So sorry to hear about the loss of your job next year! You will be a wonderful SAHM just like your sister is! You and Mandy should start your own daycare together! Love you!

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  2. Love ya! You will succeed at anything new and overcome any challenges….just like you always have. You got this!!! I’m here for you as many others are as well.

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  3. I am sorry to hear about your job. Change is always scary, even when it is a positive. However, you have already taken steps to spin this around and work in your favor Ms. New Blogger (way to go by the way)! I believe you will be able to remain challenged and find the blessings no matter what path you travel down.


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