Village Crazy Lady???

So, here we go…. I bet you are wondering why the blog is called village crazy lady and for that I owe you an answer. My lovely 4 year old whom has a wonderful, imaginative mind, recently saw the movie Moana and decided that during a certain part of the movie with a certain whacky grandmother, she stated, ” I’m the village crazy lady, that’s my job!”. With that my daughter responded with, “Mom that is you!”. Needless to say, I laughed out loud, but realized yes, yes I am!

Moana’s grandmother

Let’s be honest, it takes a village to raise kids, work, take care of a family and that makes me a crazy lady in many ways. For starters, I am crazy in love with my kids (two girls 1 1/2 and 4) and my husband who claims to not enjoy the crazy, but deep down inside it is what he loves about me the most! I am crazy about being crafty! Anything from making DIY crafts for my kids, doing DIY projects for our home, creating a perfectly themed birthday party using inexpensive ideas, to fun themed family movie nights! I most definitely can’t forget though, that I am crazy about wellness! I love yoga and fitness! Getting to share that with my family and friends is awesome. I LOVE that my girls get excited about doing yoga, being outside, getting exercise and we have something to share together.

Now, before you start thinking that I have everything together, and life is all sunshine and rainbows, it most definitely is not, which I hope to have further blogs on that introduce different topics to read about that pertain to my life and it’s ups and downs, so hopefully people can find something to relate to. I have dilemmas and hard issues just like anyone else, but I am an open book, so I thought what better way to share my words of wisdom, creative ideas and finds, stories, laughter, and love, but in a blog of my own. I am so excited to go on this adventure, so please take a chance and go on the ride of life with me!:) Stay tuned for more posts!

2 thoughts on “Village Crazy Lady???

  1. Yeah Be my! Will be following. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, on education and for parents especially. I look for ward to learning from you…


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